Station 1 Coffeehouse offers fair trade, organic coffees, roasted locally, and teas that are fair trade, organic and locally crafted. We prepare all our foods in house, using fresh, organic and local ingredients when possible, and provide gluten-free and vegan options. A percentage of our proceeds are committed to local charities each month.

Located at 28 Main Street East, in the former Firehall, Station 1 is a wheelchair accessible space for the whole community to enjoy.

Coffee of the Month is Espresso Italiano

Beautiful creamy Northern Italian Full City espresso. Built on a foundation of piquant Mexican Oaxaca, this rich, full-bodied blend is like liquid dark chocolate in your mouth

Roast Profile: Medium - Dark 
Tasting Notes: CHOCOLATE

Origin: MEXICO

Espresso Roast is great for espresso but also for brewing - remember that Espresso is a way of making coffee not a coffee itself.  Espresso Roasts are not Espresso beans, they are beans roasted to taste good as espresso

Try it today as our cold brew coffee!