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Bruce Trail Conservancy

The Niagara Bruce Trail Club is an organization dedicated to the preservation of nature and conservation of the environment, particularly of the Niagara Escarpment. Its primary activity is hiking and the maintenance of the southern-most 81km of the 800 km long Bruce Trail, and the associated sidetrails.

The Niagara section of the Bruce Trail provides panoramic views of vineyards, Lake Ontario and on a clear day, you can see the Toronto skyline. Along the trail you will travel through woodland, farmland, pass all four Welland canals and view a couple of waterfalls. The Niagara Region is steeped in history. The Bruce Trail starts in historic Queenston Heights park near where Sir Isaac Brock had his last ride in battles fought 200 years ago. Visit De Cew House, the remains of where Laura Secord came to warn the British of a planned American attack during the War of 1812. You can tour Morningstar Mill, a working flour mill that was built in 1872. Balls Falls provides a look into the past with a 19th century grist mill, chapel, black smith shop and family home restored to their original condition.

A program of organized walks is distributed quarterly, see the Hike Schedules. It should be noted that our hike schedules include outings on foot paths around the Niagara Peninsula as well as treks along the Bruce Trail itself.