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In 2001, The Foundation of Resources for Teens (FORT) was established in reaction to increasing teen suicide rates in our communities. For
over 17 years, we have operated with the goal of empowering youth to make positive and successful life choices by providing free
recreational programs and services. Our three locations in Grimsby, Smithville and Caistor have become key resources that many community
members rely on- attracting a combined 12,000 youth visitors every year. There is something for everyone at the FORT. Our daily programs
include sports, games, workshops discussing relevant topics like peer pressure, body image and mental health, job search assistance,
volunteer opportunities, cooking classes, music lessons, homework help, peer-to-peer tutoring and more. Additionally, the FORT offers
supplemental support in the form of emergency services and resources and, as of recently, quick and free access to mental health support
and professional counselling. All of our services are free of charge and work proactively and reactively in order to build a foundation of
support for youth in our community, regardless of financial ability.