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The Johnny Max Band Firehall Concert

Saturday, October 21, 2017 -
8:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Johnny is a soulful singer whose respect, and passion for all types of music is evident. He is also a brilliant entertainer who has audiences thoroughly enjoying each show. Johnny Max has built up a solid reputation as one of those guys who gives 110% and is one of the most action-packed and satisfying entertainers around. Johnny takes to performing like a fish to water, a perpetual motion machine, galvanizing his spicy blend of Stax/Volt, Atlantic, Funk, and Blues into frenzied heights, often propelling himself into the audience’s eager arms.

"It's A Long Road" will surely please fans of the Johnny Max Band, and it is also going to attract a lot more new fans to this excellent band as well....It's A Long Road" gets my highest rating of 5 Stars... Highly Recommended and Thoroughly Enjoyable..."
Review By John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

"A heavy dosage of Gumbo R&B, nods to Rock’em Sock’em Soul, and hints of all-out Boogie work-outs and Tom Waits styled tonalities."
Michael McClune

"The Johnny Max Band, filled with New Orleans style R&B and soul with a hint of boogie woogie. Throughout the CD, Johnny plays the role of storyteller supreme!"

Rick Davis Crossroads Blues Society

"Fantastic Saturday night show and rolling through my Monday morning with the Johnny Max Band. Simply sublime. Thanks Johnny, you the man."

Michael Fazackerley

Johnny, good to hear from you. We had a great time in Canada. The quality of music at the Shuffle was outstanding. I loved your band and the CD. You have some new fans here in Colorado! Thanks, and hope to see you again some where down the 'Blues Highway'.
Dan Treanor 

Thanks John!! Great to see you!! Always love your shows!! You really should bottle that on stage energy you have and sell it though!! lol Get rich quicker!! lol See you in the Shuffle!!

Ann (Audience member at Peterborough Market Hall)

Thank you all for helping me make our first Legends Row Induction Ceremony such a great success.  When I need to WOW an audience I know I can always count on my great friends here in Mississauga to get the job done and all of you certainly stepped up to the plate yesterday. I will be forever grateful.

Ron Duquette
Founder - Mississauga Legends Row
President - Ad-Venture Sight & Sound Ltd.

So nice meeting you. Great place eh! Love your voice. Look forward to listening to your CD. Take care till next time. Thanks John McAneney for introducing us to your world of music. You have the best "So Called Friends".

Lucille O'Sullivan - Johnny max & His So Called Friends @ the Purple Heather Pub – each Sunday afternoon.

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