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Séan McCann Firehall Concert

Sunday, November 4, 2018 - 7:00 PM


Séan McCann, acclaimed singer-songwriter, JUNO Award nominee, and mental health and recovery advocate, is taking his music and his message Faceto Face through Ontario this Fall.  As a founding member of internationally renowned folk group Great Big Sea, Séan chose to forge his own path five years ago, embarking on a solo career which has brought him on a new journey with music as his medicine. 

Séan’s musical message is now more than just notes and melodies.  His last two solo albums, Help Your Self and You Know I Love You, were a large musical departure from his Great Big Sea beginnings, but in his latest release, "There's a Place" he brings together his roots and his message on 11 beautifully crafted tracks sung by a man who knows his purpose, who embraces his past, but refuses to let it define him. Séan also worked with artist/designerJenna Gregory on There’s A Place: A Colouring Book Companion, which accompanies the album as an interactive creative outlet for fans.

“I believe that a secret can kill you but that a song can save your life,” said Séan. “Music is my religion and it has helped me survive through some very hard times and now I hope it can help me find a real connection in a digital world. I've learned that the best version of myself  is literally in the presence of other people, and I know I have an impact at that level so I want to fight to help keep live music gatherings like this alive. We are made of music and I want people to feel that with me....Face to Face."

Séan celebrated seven years of sobriety in November 2017 and is now a sought-after speaker, mental health, abuse, and recovery advocate.