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THURSDAY Trivia Nights!

Friday, January 24, 2020 - 7:00 PM

We now hold Trivia Night on THURSDAY nights inside.  We reserve tables for 7pm and trivia starts at 7:30pm. If we need to cancel it for some reason, we will post it on our Facebook & Instagram pages.

Reservations are required as the cafe normally is booked solid and tables are limited with the number of chairs they are allowed to accomodate.   Tables are booked for 7:00 or earlier and if patrons don't show up by 7:15, we release the tables to walk-ins or a waiting list.

It's FREE!  There are PRIZES and BEER & CIDER is on for $12 MINI JUGS!  Our Nacho Platter and Flatbread Pizzas are popular choices and the kitchen always closes an hour before the cafe does.
Two hosts rotate the Thursdays... 

BRAD THE LAD offers good clean family fun with mostly multiple choice questions and an image round. Clean-cut, tall dark and handsome; he'll likely sport a polo shirt and chinos yet he may rock up to the cafe on his motorcycle.  Brad is a former Stn1 Barista and definitely a member of our family!

FIGHTING IRISH OWEN can be described as, well...devilishly charming yet cantankerous! He'll be politically incorrect,  extremely sarcastic,  call you out on answers he thinks were "atrocious" and swearing is guaranteed.  No kids allowed and we do not recommend this night for the thin-skinned! (He normally has a waiting list for some reason) Also, you may have trouble with that accent. ☘

To book,  you can message us on Facebook, instagram call the cafe or book in person in shop.  905-309-4000 and if your message isn't confirmed with a reply or in person,  neither is the reservation so please keep trying.  The cafe is consistently busy so it's difficult to get to the phone but we really try!