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Suzie's Gluten-free Kitchen

Suzie's Gluten-Free Kitchen
7 Ontario St
Grimsby, ON

Suzie's Story

Local. Dedicated. Delicious.

"One of the hardest things Suzie has ever done was give up wheat (Yes, harder than losing weight). It was one huge craving for carbs ALL the time. Every time she went for dinner there it would be, a basket of fresh bread sitting on the table. She wanted chips. She wanted junk food. She could not control it. 

Then she started learning about gluten free flours; the different types and how to mix them together. She was able to recreate all the best tasting treats. She doesn't suffer anymore AND  gets to eat almost anything she wants. She knows how hard it is to give up wheat, especially if it is not your choice. 

In 2012 Suzie's was run out of a home kitchen for the Grimsby Farmer's Market. The dedicated bakery located in downtown Grimsby, Ontario, opened in August of 2013.  Suzie's can make almost anything to suit every dietary need.  

Suzie's always uses quality ingredients (organic whenever possible.)  We offer pre-made mixes for everything from cakes and pies to shortbread, brownies and even graham crackers (for s'mores of course!) and can custom create a mix or even ready-to-eat for a special occasion or family gathering. Just send us an email [email protected]."